• Phil Davenport

An unforgettable road trip of 8 days

A Road Trip Discovering Unesco World Heritage on the Island of Ireland.

We travelled around visiting the 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Island of Ireland: Newgrange, Giants' Causeway and Skellig Michael. Respectively: a unique ancient tomb, built by a sophisticated civilization, older than the pyramids; spectacular rock formations that were created when once the lava hit the sea, and we discovered the myth of the Giants still lives on; last but not least the mystical island of Skellig Michael, where monks in medieval times thought to build a monastery close to the end of the world, an extremely unique, almost extra-terrestrial site, now used as an outer world decor for the new Star Wars.

A Storytravelers film: http://storytravelers.com

Created by Caspar Daniël Diederik and Enza di Lecce.

Music: "revival" by Ryan Taubert licensed via The Music Bed.

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Killasser, Swinford,

County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.


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