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The Four Marbles of Ireland.

Did you know there were multiple types of Marble? Marble is a beautiful and useful rock used for millennia for many purposes to include building, construction and sculpture to fine jewelry.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from pressurized limestone. The materials and minerals that make up the limestone create different colors unique to the locations in which the different types of Marble may be found. Ireland is known for four distinctly different marbles that can be found all composed of different variations on the minerals which make up the limestone. The most commonly known marble from Ireland is Connemara, however there are also other marble variations to include the Ulster white, Kilkenny black and Cork red marbles.

Connemara marble is a green veined stone found only in the west of Ireland identified as the historical territory of Connemara. This stone is said to deliver good luck and a sense of relaxation to those who keep it close to themselves. It is often a traditional gift between families who vow peace and honor throughout the generations.

Ulster white marble is found in Northern Ireland. It’s name is derived from its chalk rock, it is however more off white rather than a pure white marble. This marble is often regarded for its properties of protection and personal success as well as provides clarity and provide for strength of self control and mastery of thought. Ulster marble can be used for its balancing qualities.

Kilkenny black marble is found in the southeast of Ireland and gets is black color from the carbon which is mixed with the limestone is this marble. Kilkenny marble was used for the plinth of the tomb of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral, and throughout Kilkenny you can find the black marble paving the footpaths and lining the city walls. The medieval city has thus also been known as “The Marble City.”

Cork red marble found in southern Ireland around Cork gets it reddish-brown color from the red clay and ancient sea life which composes the makeup of the limestone which formed this marble. Traditionally the red marble was used in the construction of fireplaces and stairways.

Next time you visit Ireland, see if you can identify the different types of marble, and maybe find yourself some beautiful jewelry to keep it close.

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